1-67 and Underground update -

New Underground enlistments,training and integration into active status ongoing. Hawke and Beck working on aggressive plans now that we have the 10th Mountain, 35th and 1st infranty units mobilized and ready to engage any ASA activity in region. Our biggest concern is air bombings and we have Texas command tracking. They are considering Kansas airspace a warzone and will shoot down any ASA activity. The declaration of War is imminent and the 1st armored division and Texan support is preparing to blitzkrieg ASA. Our success in Jericho is accelerating those plans.

Update on Hawkins - His mission is to get to the President of the ASA. That is all I have been told.

Last night the remaining ASA forces in Jericho blockades consolidated and went out on a probe to engage or find those who had taken out  the 5 ASA Blockades.  We ambushed the party on the outskirts of New Bern. This time they were on alert and the battle was fierce and prolonged. They were heavily outnumbered and ultimately taken out and we took our first POW's. Our goal is surrender and not our mission or intention to take no prisoners. In fact surrenders have a bigger longterm positive as we move forward. Our goal is to ruin the ASA's will to fight.

Sadly I report the loss of my personal friend Penn. He was one of the founders of our unit and we have served together for many years on many battlefields on many continents. He was a good man and a big loss. We also had a dozen other comrades killed or wounded. Our counts put the tally to date at 200-250 ASA dead in the 2 battles in Western Kansas. Today  we are giving all battlefield soldiers proper burial and respect and a very sobering moment.

I await orders from Beck and Hawke's direction to proceed.


PS - The ASA propaganda machine is out of control!

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