Underground website authorized to post video from recent ASA  target Attacks within Colorado in past day(s). We have been united with Chavez and unprecedented  access to Texan air support and coordinated offensives. Might not be in news yet but ASA and Texan Air Force have been in constant battles past 24 hours to a standstill. Helicopter and tactical attacks within Colorado working to deadly precision.

Texas 1st armor  and support is 500 miles from where they were can't get specific. UN is reinforcing the Blue Line and USA needs to act, but major fears are this could quickly become an International war and its chess match on that front. We will Duke it out on ASA soil for now.

As the video showed we have had some hellacious fighting yet some camps and bases taken with little to no resistance. ASA is a mess, they can't hide behind propaganda and everywhere we traverse, we are gaining Underground fighters left and right. Based on the ASA encounters we won't put poorly trained citizens into the field. Most are being moved back to Jericho/Kansas to train and work on supply lines. History shows you can't advance ahead of your supply capability. Something Beck is committed to not let happen.

Just want to know all communications here are dated and will not jeopardize our efforts.


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