In a coordinated effort with Behind the lines Texas troops, Underground and 1-67 forces in Kansas war has been declared on the ASA by the Republic of Texas and the USA Eastern states block. They are  treating NATO Forces on blue line as aggressors and will solicit  and enforce a prompt removal. BREAKING NEWS USA has aligned with Texas Republic.....

Texas Air force  jets  have  carried out massive air bombings on San Diego ASA bases and Naval forces. This "Dawn Patrol " attack is being reported as catastrophic to ASA West coast side as their naval forces were their strength but not of much value in Cheyenne or mid America conflicts. News reports are that a combined 1-67 Beck/Hawke force having taken control of Kansas have moved into Colorado Springs and taken over Fort Carson and Peterson AFB surprisingly with little resistance.

The Texan 1st aromored division with massive infantry and Marine support is now in control of Altus ASA Air force base and in talks with Whiteman AFB in Missouri. The ASA is crumbling and awaiting reports of more USA forces bordering upstate New York looking to move West.

Operation Dawn Patrol

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