The 1-67 Unit is back together again and having met up with 12 core members in Texas we indeed are back on the outskirts of Kansas two days now. We also have assembled a team of highly trained and skilled Texas Republic covert soldiers. We are officially "behind enemy lines" and engage and weaken ASA Forces in the Jericho region. We have also friended  with a bunch of well armed "Underground" Americans in Kansas ready to help eliminate the ASA on their soil.

We observed many ASA Blockades set up to isolate Jericho. We observed poorly trained troops and poorly run blockades. It is our personal opinion these troops are "not" any element of the former US Military armed forces but probably hastily trained ASA recruits. We engaged and took out 5 Blockades in the cover of the night and early red dawn. All points taken out 100% with no collateral damage to our unit. They never knew what hit them.

Our plan is now two pronged. Jake is in Jericho to talk to Major Beck. We need to pass along that 1) we have communication with Texas Air force and call in Isolated air strikes in critical use only or special unit Copter's can be called in to engage enemy. 2) We are trying to gauge Becks Unit and armaments. There will be a strike back in next day or 2 on the blockade attacks. If the other blockade points are called  to investigate  we have the firepower and plan in place to completely wipe them out  with the Hawke led 1-67 unit.

Another update Hawkins and a secret intel ops team is operating in Cheyenne. Candidly I have no idea what they are doing there.

But if they declare an insurgency we have to be prepared for a more massive retaliation. Beck can be a big ally to make ASA pay if they do that. We are going to disappear during the day and wreak havoc at night.  Oh, I'm not sure if this has been reported but the Texas Republic has officially internally declared war on the Allied States of America and still negotiating with the USA Eastern Government to join an alliance. Texas is ready to make ASA pay if they intend to "punish" Jericho. Godspeed, the second Civil War has started. 

  Carr - my job is updating the 1-67 website!

Update - Jake has talked to Beck and the 10th Mountain Division is now officially aligned with the 1-67 Armor division! And the news keeps getting better! Appears that Beck is not only Military unit that has turned on ASA. The 35 Infantry and the 1st Infantry have defected from the ASA and are aligned with Beck. This is now a very formidable unit that numbers 20,000 troops in Kansas with some mechanized and artillery support.

Another myth at least here in Kansas we are observing. ASA propaganda about the "massive" ASA army line sign ups enlistments. It's totally bogus! The line is here as the underground element is joining our ranks and training 18 hours a day. We are sending out recon and in conjunction with Texas paratroopers are going deeper North into ASA to feel out what they really have military side.

Texas troops massing on ASA Border are the 1st Armored Division and this could be a unit that could go deep into ASA territory fast. ASA military we have seen are raw recruits with poor to no training. We are working with Texas forces and bouyed by major Kansas military defections to our course are looking at launching an offense. Target / goal Cheyenne.

Also Nato border forces could be in  big trouble if Eastern USA aligns with Texas Republic. They are patrolling a border on foreign land with no supply lines other than the ASA.....Then in a two front battle to the South and East.

I can't comment but the ASA is on the move again in Jericho. Should have an update soon.

Out - Carr

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