As you read this what is left of a major Naval port hopefully will be taken out. We have been quite past few days not wanting to give any indication where the 1-67 unit was. Well there is news that elements of Underground, Texan and ASA defected units is nearing Wyoming!

We tactically felt that we also needed to get as far West as possible and weaken ASA Air forces bases. Working with Texas Armored forces we have made it to California virtually uncontested. We have with minimal resistance commandeered 5 ASA Airforce bases and have taken a few POW's but most have joined our ranks with similar dislike for the ASA Government in Cheyenne. This severely limits the ASA'S Ability to engage Texan air over ASA Soil. There are still dogfights and bombing efforts under way on both sides but we are hearing that soon Texas/USA forces are close to having Total air control which would put ASA in real bad position.

We had been waiting for the go ahead from Texan Naval to go in and take out  this critical Naval Port. Word is there are destroyers and a Carrier at port. Luckily the rest of the ships are deep at sea or in Gulf of Mexico. If near shore they could obliterate us with inbound artillery and missiles.

We are having discussions on what to do with this ship. We are hearing there is UN intervention and possible World War 3 Implications.  We are weighing pro's and con's of sinking these ships. Hopefully we can get them to turn on ASA or worst case get USA/Texan naval experts here asap and get these boats operational as we can't hold off a ASA Naval attack if they were to reapear.


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